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domingo, 27 de abril de 2008

David And The Giants - Angels Unaware (1996)

David And The Giants - Angels Unaware (1996)

David And The Giants - Angels Unaware (1996)

Can t Stop The Music
Light The Fire
Somebody Tell Me
Writing On The Wall
No One But You
Dance The Night Away
Inside My Heart
I Was Made For You
The Beat Goes On



Loandy - El Color de la Fe [2008]

Loandy - El Color de la Fe [2008]

Track List:

3.A Tu Lado
4.El Campeon
5.Ser Cristiano
7.Como Soy
8.Mas Que Ayer
9.Declaro Bendicion
10.Tuya Soy
11.Vez A Dios
12.El Milagro (Feat. Egleyda Belliard)
15.Fe (Acustico)


Front Cover:

Luis Concepcion - Mi Hijo Ven - Nuevo CD 2008

Luis Concepcion - Mi Hijo Ven - Nuevo CD 2008
Okis... Aca lo ultimo de Luis Concepcion y esta buenisimo, espero les guste.


01. Poderoso Dios
02. Mi Hijo Ven (Escuche este Tema)
03. Yo Soy (Escuche este Tema)
04. Si No Hubiera Sido Por Tu Amor
05. Estas Vencido (Corito) (Escuche este Tema)
06. Consolador
07. Un Sueño (Escuche este Tema)
08. No Temere

Incluye 6 Pistas!!!

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Gotay - Tu Amor - Nuevo CD 2008

Gotay - Tu Amor - Nuevo CD 2008
Okis... Aca lo ultimo de Gotay y esta buenisimo!!! Ahi les deje varios temas para que lo escuchen antes de bajar, espero les guste.


01. Tu Eres Mi Señor (Escuche este Tema)
02. Tu Amor (Escuche este Tema)
03. Sueño
04. Las Alas Del Amor (Escuche este Tema)
05. Hoy Me He Dado Cuenta
06. Buena Fortuna
07. Nadie Va A Robar Tu Corazon
08. Quien Soy Yo
09. Al Soplo De Tu Amor
10. Si No Fuera Por Ti (Escuche este Tema)

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Discografia de Jars Of Clay

Discografia de Jars Of Clay
Jars Of Clay: Uno de mis grupos favoritos de todos los tiempos desde que iniciaron en 1995 con su album del mismo nombre, Jars Of Clay ha sido para mi uno de los mejores grupos de Pop Rock que ha existido en el ambito secular y gospel.
Aqui la Discografia de este grupo completa, creo yo que no me falta ningun disco si me faltara alguno pues comuniquenmelo y vere si lo consigo. Bendiciones a todos y espero sus comentarios.

Christmas Songs, 2007 [Gray Matters/Nettwerk]

1. The Gift Of St. Cecilia
2. Wonderful Christmastime
3. Love Came Down At Christmas
4. O Little Town Of Bethlehem
5. Hibernation Day
6. Winter Skin
7. Peace Is Here
8. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
9. Evergreen
10. Christmastime Is Here
11. Drummer Boy
12. Gabriel's Message
13. In The Bleak Midwinter
14. I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day
15. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen [Acoustic Version]*
16. Peace Is Here [Acoustic Version]*
*track 15 is an eMusic exclusive, track 16 is an iTunes exclusive


The Essential Jars Of Clay, 2007 [Essential]

Disc: 1
1. Flood
2. Liquid
3. Worlds Apart
4. Love Song For a Savior
5. Tea And Sympathy
6. Fade To Grey
7. Crazy Times
8. Five Candles (You Were There)
9. Goodbye, Goodnight
10. Grace
11. Can't Erase It
12. Unforgetful You
13. I Need You
14. Fly
15. Silence
16. Revolution
17. Coffee Song
18. New Math


Disc: 2
1. Sunny Days
2. Tonight
3. Shipwrecked
4. Faith Enough
5. Jealous Kind
6. Needful Hands
7. Dig
8. God Will Lift Up Your Head
9. Work
10. Oh My God Lis
11. Dead Man (Carry Me)
12. Mirrors & Smoke
13. This Road
14. The Widowing Field
15. Bethlehem Town
16. Little Drummer Boy


Live Monsters EP,2007 [Essential]

1. All My Tears
2. Work
3. Dead Man (Carry Me)
4. There Is A River
5. Good Monsters
6. Oh My God
7. Love Me
8. Surprise
9. Light Gives Heat
*tracklist based on the tour and retail versions joined together
**tracks 1 and 7 are available only on tour edition, 5 and 8 available only on retail edition


Christmas Demo Tape, 2006 [JFH MUSIC EXCLUSIVE]



Good Monsters, 2006 [Essential]

1. Work
2. Dead Man (Carry Me)
3. All My Tears
4. Even Angels Cry
5. There Is A River
6. Good Monsters
7. Oh My God
8. Surprise
9. Take Me Higher
10. Mirrors & Smoke
11. Light Gives Heat
12. Water Under The Bridge


Mini-Monsters EP digital 3-song EP, 2006 [Essential/iTunes]

1. Work [Radio Edit]
2. Dead Man (Carry Me)
3. Love Me


iTunes Originals, 2005 [iTunes/Essential]

1. iTunes Originals
2. Sunny Days
3. Making The Grade
4. Like A Child
5. We Were Becoming One With The Mud
6. Flood [iTunes Originals Version]
7. The Other Side Of Lightning In A Bottle
8. Frail [iTunes Originals Version]
9. The Tip Of The Iceberg
10. Goodbye, Goodnight
11. Starting With A Question
12. Silence [iTunes Originals Version]
13. We Were Drawn To The Artists That Moved Us
14. Lonely People
15. Show You Love [iTunes Originals Version]
16. A Good Song Is A Good Song
17. My Heavenly [iTunes Originals Version]
18. A Career Highlight
19. Nothing But The Blood [iTunes Originals Version]
20. A Modern Day Hymn
21. All My Tears [iTunes Originals Version]
22. Looking Back
23.I'll Fly Away
*tracks in bold are songs, the others are interview tracks


Redemption Songs, 2005 [Essential]

1. God Be Merciful To Me (Psalm 51)
2. I Need Thee Every Hour
3. God Will Lift Up Your Head
4. I'll Fly Away (featuring Sarah Kelly)
5. Nothing But The Blood (featuring The Blind Boys of Alabama)
6. Let Us Love And Sing And Wonder (featuring Martin Smith)
7. O Come And Mourn With Me Awhile
8. Hiding Place
9. Jesus, I Lift My Eyes
10. It Is Well With My Soul
11. On Jordan's Stormy Banks I Stand (featuring The Blind Boys of Alabama)
12. Thou Lovely Source Of True Delight
13. They'll Know We Are Christians By Our Love


Roots & Wings digital 4-song EP, 2005 [Essential/iTunes]

1. God Will Lift Up Your Head
2. What Wondrous Love
3. Shipwrecked
4. Tonight


Who We Are Instead, 2003 [Essential]

1. Sunny Days
2. Amazing Grace
3. Lonely People
4. Only Alive
5. Trouble Is
6. Faith Enough
7. Show You Love
8. Lesser Things
9. I'm In The Way
10. Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet
11. Jealous Kind
12. Sing
13. My Heavenly
14. Tonight*
15. Shipwrecked*
*bonus track on 2-disc special edition


Furthermore – From The Studio: From The Stage, 2003 [Essential]

From The Studio
1. Overjoyed
2. Something Beautiful
3. The Valley Song (Sing Of Your Mercy)
4. Liquid
5. The Eleventh Hour
6. Dig
7. Redemption
8. Love Song For A Savior
9. Frail
10. Needful Hands


From The Stage
1. Disappear
2. Like A Child
3. Crazy Times
4. I Need You
5. The Eleventh Hour
6. This Road
7. Fly
8. I'm Alright
9. Revolution
10. Flood
11. Worlds Apart


The Eleventh Hour, 2002 [Essential]

1. Disappear
2. Something Beautiful
3. Revolution
4. Fly
5. I Need You
6. Silence
7. Scarlet
8. Whatever She Wants
9. The Eleventh Hour
10. These Ordinary Days
11. The Edge Of Water


Live At The House Of Blues, 2000 (Bootleg)



The White Elephant Sessions, 2000 [Essential]

1. Unforgetful You [Remix]
2. Crazy Times [Demo]
3. Goodbye, Goodnight [Demo]
4. River Constantine [Demo]
5. Grace [Hudson & Wells Demo]
6. Headstrong [IA Demo]
7. Coffee Song
8. Can't Erase It [Tweed Horse Sessions]
9. Kaylos
10. New Math
11. Fly Farther
12. Collide [Tweed Horse Sessions]
13. Frail [Frail Demo Version]


Frontyard Luge, 1999

1. Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows
2. No Matter What
3. The Coffee Song
4. Crazy Love
5. Liquid
6. God Only Knows
7. Swingtown


If I Left the Zoo, 1999 [Essential]

1. Goodbye, Goodnight
2. Unforgetful You
3. Collide
4. No One Loves Me Like You
5. Famous Last Words
6. Sad Clown
7. Hand
8. I'm Alright
9. Grace
10. Can't Erase It
11. River Constantine


Stringtown Double CD, 1998(fanclub exclusive)

1. Blind
2. Portrait Of An Apology
3. Frail
4. Fade To Grey
5. Flood
6. Tea & Sympathy
7. Weighed Down
8. Worlds Apart
9. The Coffee Song
10. Sinking
11. Liquid
12. Overjoyed
13. Truce
14. 4:7
15. Hymn


Drummer Boy (re-release w/ diff. tracks) EP, 1997 [Essential]

1. The Little Drummer Boy
2. The Little Drummer Boy [Grinch Mix]
3. Blind [Fluffy Sav Mix]
4. Wicker Baskets
*note: the tracks from 1997 sound a little better, they may be re-mastered


Much Afraid, 1997 [Essential]

1. Overjoyed
2. Fade To Grey
3. Tea And Sympathy
4. Crazy Times
5. Frail
6. Five Candles (You Were There)
7. Weighed Down
8. Portrait Of An Apology
9. Truce
10. Much Afraid
11. Hymn


Crazy Times Enhanced CD Single, 1997 [Essential]

1. Crazy Times
2. The Chair
3. Frail [Frail Demo Version]
4. Sleepers


Drummer Boy EP, 1995 [Essential]

1. The Little Drummer Boy
2. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
3. He [Acoustic Version]
4. The Little Drummer Boy [Grinch Mix]


Jars of Clay, 1995 [Essential]

1. Liquid
2. Sinking
3. Love Song For A Savior
4. Like A Child
5. Art In Me
6. He
7. Boy On A String
8. Flood
9. Worlds Apart
10. Blind
11. 4:7


Frail, 1994 (independent)

1. Liquid
2. Boy On A String (Sunflower Song)
3. Art In Me
4. He
5. Fade To Grey
6. Frail
7. Like A Child
8. Love Song For A Savior
9. Four Seven


Leviticus (Heavy Metal Discography)

Leviticus (Heavy Metal Discography)
1984 I Shall Conquer {Talking Music}

I shall conquer
Let me fight
He's my life
Action more than words
All is calm
Day by day
Strive forward
Ps 23


1985 The Strongest Power {Twilight}

The winner
Deborah and Barak
On the rock
King of kings
Stay with us
I got power
Look around
I love you
A new day
Light for the world


1987 Setting Fire To The Earth {Royal}

Flames of fire
The first and the last
I'm a believer
Don't go out
Elijah on Carmel
The suffering servant
Get up
Love is love


1989 Knights Of Heaven {Royal}

1. Born Again 3:40
2. Thw World Goes Round 4:19
3. Isn't It Love 4:36
4. Oh, Lord 4:53
5. Feels So Good 2:25
6. Strong Love 3:39
7. Messiah 3:58
8. Over the Hills 3:57
9. For Once in My Life 4:09
10. Love On Fire 3:42


Leviticus - Live at Bobfest (2003)

01 Flames of Fire (3:55)
02 Saved (4:41)
03 Messiah (4:14)
04 Oh Lord (5:12)
05 Majestic in Power (5:24)
06 On the Rock (3:24)
07 All Is Calm (5:52)
08 8. Born Again (4:36)
09 The Suffering Servant (7:27)
10 Deborah and Barak (4:21)
11 I'm Gonna Rock (7:23)


Oxana Elianu-The Power of Words

Oxana Elianu-The Power of Words
Shalom Hermanos:Otro cd para mis hermanos amantes de Yeshua el Unico Mashiaj del Mundo e Israel jeje

Artista-Oxana Eliahu
Album-The Power of Words

1. The Power Of Words
2. There's God In Heaven
3. I am Not Alone
4. I Call You
5. Guide Me
6. The Happiest Man
7. Not My Will
8. He Is The Example
9. My Trust Is In You
10. All Things Work For Good
11. By His Stripes We Are Healed
12. All Israel Shall Be Saved


Son Of Abraham-Worshipping to Gether

Son Of Abraham-Worshipping to Gether
Pra mis hermanos amantes de esta musica presiosa jeje.No se donde se vende y esta no es la caratula del cd pues es la caratula del libro de ellos jeje.

Artista-Son of Abraham
Album-Worshipping God to Gether
1. Bo, Ruach Elohim
2. Adon HaKavod
3. Sineen Tawila Madat
4. Ancient Gates
5. Halleluja Sabbihu Ya Abeed A-arab
6. Kavod vekavod
7. Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty
8. You Deserve The Glory
9. May All Who Live
10. Kadosh,Kadosh,Kadosh
11. Ana Adonai


Salmos en Hebreo

Salmos en Hebreo
Salmos Narados en Hebreo
Salmo1,2,3,4,5-Narado Hebreo
6[Cantado ingles]
Salmo-16,23Narado Hebreo
51[Cantado Ingles]
Salmo-98,110,137-Narado Hebreo

aakov Shwekey - Leshem Shomayim (Judia)

aakov Shwekey - Leshem Shomayim (Judia)
De verad es hermoso este trabajo , todas las canciones son hermosas , escuchen con atencion el tema Ki Hashem en realidad hermoso

Track List

1 Birshus

2 Lsheim Shomayim

3 Eishes Chayil

4 Emes

5 Av Horachamim

6 Haloi Yadata

7 Tate Yiddish

8 Hein Am

9 Ki Hashem

10 Ma Ma Ma

11 Meshoich Noam

12 Koili El Hashem

13 Tate English

Link de descarga



Ohad Moshkovitch - Oh 2 (Judia)

Ohad Moshkovitch - Oh 2 (Judia)
Ohad Moshkovitch - Oh 2

Track List

1 Kol Zman

2 G’dolo Shiro

3 Chavivin Yisroel

4 Etz Chayim

5 Shalom Aleichem

6 Odcho

7 Veyochon Am

8 Ekroeko


10 Neshomole

Link Descarga

Ovadia Hamama - Heaven And Earth (Judia)

Ovadia Hamama - Heaven And Earth (Judia)
Ovadia Hamama - Heaven And Earth

Track List

01 Sidurim Achronim (Part 1)
02 Ana B'Koach
03 Tefilah Lederech
04 Tefilah Legeshem
05 Haleluya
06 Haolam Yafeh
07 Hamichtav (1949)
08 Eretz Ahuvah
09 Me'egel Olah Temidis
10 Lo Artez Nachriah
11 Eretz Yisroel Hashleimah Im Atzmah
12 Ad Matai
13 Netzach Yisroel
14 Yitzchak Lo Hayah Iyur
15 Shamayim V'aretz
16 Sulam Yaakov
17 Lakum Ulshanot Et Haolam
18 Sidurim Achronim (Parts 2,3 & 4)

Links de descarga


Hashiveinu-Israel Yeshua

Hashiveinu-Israel Yeshua
Shalom Hermanos:Les dejo este cd de musica Mesianica.Gosense en Yeshua nuestro Mashiaj del Israel y el Mundo

Artista-Hashiveinu[Blandade Artiste]
Album-Israel Yeshua


1. Hashiveny
2. Mi kamocha
3. Melech hamlachim
4. She ha Elohim
5. Ruach Adonai alai
6. Hodu le Adonai ki tov
7. Shiviti Adonai
8. Gadol Ata
9. Od yishama
10. Yeshua Hu Adon
11. Sos ha-Sis bi Adonai
12. Baruch Ata Adonai
13. Birkat Aaron

Paul Wilbur - Levantate Jerusalem

Varios Artistas-Feast of Tabernacles 2005

Varios Artistas-Feast of Tabernacles 2005
Shalom Hermanos:Les dejo este cd que lo disfruten jeje.Entren al link donde dice comprar es free la Music jeje

Artista-Varios Artistas
Album-Feast of Tabernacles 2005

Baruch HaShem Yahweh 4:27

Ask, Seek, and Find 2:53

Whispering Hope 2:58

Let Us March With Hearts Couragous 2:16

I Look Around Me-3:12

What Sin download-4:13

Snow White Dove 2:29

Something Special in You 2:50

This is the Day 1:37

Teach Me to Wait 2:22

Yah is Good 3:56

I Love You 4:40

The Righteous Life 2:44

Child of the King 2:18

How Great Are You Yah 2:20

Comunidad Nazarena Israelita de Chile-Cantos Liturgicos Mesianicos

Comunidad Nazarena Israelita de Chile-Cantos Liturgicos Mesianicos
Shalom Hermanos:Les dejo esta Musica Mesianica,Esta no es la caratula pues no es un cd son mp3 y los hize cd jeje.Para los amantes de esta Musica Hermosa.

Hermano-Comunidad Nazarena Israelita de Chile
Album-Cantos Liturgicos

Adonai Ejad
Bekari Aneni
Adonai Hallelu
Hariu e Adonai
Hashamayim Me Sapri
y otros mas
comprar[Estos es Gratis]

Avraham Fried - Este camino oh ese camino - Musica Mesianica

Avraham Fried-Este camino oh ese camino
Shalom Hermanos:Les dejo este cd de musica Hebrea es el Cantante Avraham Fried unos oh el Mejor de este genero,Pongale mucha atencion al primer canto Matzliach - Moshiach y Danzale a Adonai en el Nombre de Yeshua [Jesus] Nuestro Mesias.Para los Amantes de este Presioso e Incomparable Genero jeje.

Artista-Avraham Fried
album-This Way Or That Way -Beyn Kach U'beyn Kach

1 Matzliach - Moshiach
2 Baishanim
3 M'noroh
4 Bein Kach Ubein Kach
5 Al Tira
6 Father Don't Cry
7 Malka D'almo
8 Lo Ovo
9 Shetita
10 G-D Of Avraham
11 Nu Nu Nu ...
12 Kol Ho'oseik
13 B'zu Hasho'oh

Los Coritos en Reggaeton

Spirit Flow Presenta Christian Warriors - Los Coritos en Reggaeton [Rapidshare]

Spirit Flow Presenta Christian Warriors - Los Coritos en Reggaeton

Yo Me Gozo
Lámpara Es
Espíritu De Dios
La Venida
Si Le Alabas
La Escalera
La Unción
Paseate Nazareno
Sin Tí
Se Meve La Mano De Dios
Algo Nuevo
Lámpara Es

Rojo Discografía

Rojo - Rojo
1. Intro [Quiero]
2. Sin Ti
3. No hay condenación
4. Me quemas
5. No me averguenzo
6. Quiero
7. Quiero volar
8. Desde que te conocí
9. Sin amor
10. Llueve en mi/Dios manda lluvia
11. Jardin de rosas
12. Adiós, Goodbye
13. Bonus Track


by Elite AJ2

Rojo - 24.7

1. Intro
2. Revolución
3. ¿Cómo no voy a alabarte?
4. Soy tuyo
5. Eres lo mejor
6. Con todo
7. Dios de maravillas
8. Digno eres Tú
9. Hasta que ya no respire mas
10. Aleluya - Desde el amanecer
11. Quiero más de Ti
12. Contigo (haré historia)
13. Te alabaré (mi buen Jesús)
14. Aleluya [Intrumental]


by Elite AJ2

Rojo - Dia de Independencia

1. Intro
2. O.K.
3. Creo
4. Gracias
5. Prefiero
6. Brillaré
7. Tu y yo
8. El amor está aquí
9. Gasolina
10. Le voy a Cristo
11. Vive a mí


by Elite AJ2

Rojo - Edicion Especial

1. No quiero vivir sin tu amor
2. Brillaré
3. Tu, Yo
4. Siempre te amaré
5. Ministración
6. Gasolina
7. Desde el amanecer
8. Bajo tu control
9. Con todo
10. Soy tuyo hoy
11. Revolución
12. Prefiero
13. Brillaré
14. Desde el amanecer


by Elite AJ2

Rojo - Navidad

1. Es navidad
2. Santa la noche
3. Medley (Venid pastorcillos, Venid y adoremos, Venid Fieles todos)
4. Ven a mi corazón OH Cristo
5. Es navidad –Pista
6. Santa la noche –Pista
7. Medley (Venid pastorcillos, Venid y adoremos, Venid Fieles todos) –Pista-
8. Ven a mi corazón OH Cristo –Pista-


by Elite AJ2

Rojo - Con el Corazon en la Mano

1. Sólo Tú
2. Me Amas Igual
3. Te Quiero, Te Quiero
4. No Me Soltarás
5. Eres Mi Pasión y Mi Confianza
6. Te Daré Sólo lo Mejor
7. ¿Dónde? ¿Cómo?
8. Quiero Darte Mis Manos
9. Mi Existir
10. Feliz
11. Intimidad (Cómo te Deseo)
12. Por Conocerte
13. Tú Eres Mi Dios
14. Eres Todopoderoso (Bonus Track)
15. Yo Soy la Revolución (Bonus Track)
16. Invitacion
17. Instrumental


by Elite AJ2

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