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miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2008

[[All Star United]]

[[All Star United]]

All Star United

El Quinteto originario de Nashville, Tenn, All Star United banda de pop / rock , fue una de las pocas bandas cristianas que tranformó la música pop para convertirla en un sonido influenciado Britpop con ingeniosas letras.

All Star Unidos es una banda de rock cristiano formado por Ian Eskelin, Christian Crowe, Patrick McCallum, Brian Whitman, Gary Miller.

All Star United - Love And Radiation - 2007

1. Love and Radiation
2. You You You (Yeah Yeah Yeah)
3. Before You Break My Heart
4. We Could Be Brilliant
5. Let's Rock Tonight
6. Jesus Of The Radio
7. There's Gotta Be Something
8. The Song Of The Year
9. In a World Where Nothing's Wrong (You're Alright)
10. Like Hallelujah
11. Take Me Away


All Star United - Revolution - 2002

1. We Are the Future
2. Let It Rain (I'm Gonna Shine)
3. Revolution
4. Making It Beautiful
5. Kings and Queens
6. Made in Heaven
7. You Can Count on Me
8. Global Breakdown
9. Weirdo


All Star United - International Anthems for the Human Race - 1999

1 Welcome To Our Big Rock Show
2 Popular Americans
3 International Anthem
4 Thank You, Goodnight
5 If We Were Lovers
6 Worldwide Socialites Unite
7 I Need You Now
8 Theme From Summer
9 Everything Will Be Alright
10 Superstar
11 Put Your Arms Around Me


All Star United - 1997

01 La La Land
02 Bright Red Carpet
03 Angels
04 Drive
05 Torn
06 Smash Hit
07 Saviour Of My Universe
08 Beautiful Thing
09 Tenderness
10 Lullaby


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