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miércoles, 23 de enero de 2008

Jeremy Camp Discografia

Esta discografia me la pidio un chico del foro,
si alguien mas la desea asegurese descargarla
antes de que los links expiren!

Beyond Measure, 2006
1. Tonight
2. What It Means
3. Beyond Measure
4. Let It Fade
5. Feels Like
6. When You Are Near
7. No Matter What
8. Take A Little Time
9. Everything
10. I Am Nothing
11. Give You Glory
12. Give Me Jesus
Beyond Measure: Regular Edition 2006
Beyond Measure: Special Edition 2006

Restored Deluxe Edition, 2006
1. Restored
2. Take You Back
3. Even When
4. Lay Down My Pride
5. My Desire
6. Be the One
7. Everytime
8. Letting Go
9. Breathe
10. This Man
11. Innocence
12. Nothing Else I Need
13. Burden Me
14. Stand By
15. Hungry
16. Let Everything That Has Breath

Live Unplugged @ Franklin, TN 2005
[Los Tracks De Este Album No Estan ordenados Como Aparecen En Lista,Lo Siento]
1. Understand
2. Right Here
3. Take You Back
4. Stay
5. Walk By Faith
6. Empty Me
7. Restored
8. My Desire
9. I Still Believe
10. Beautiful One
11. This Man

Carried Me: The Worship Project, 2004
1.Trust In You
2.Beautiful One
4.Wonderful Maker
5.Hear My Voice
6.I Wait For The Lord
7.Empty Me
8.I Surrender To You
9.Walk By Faith
10.Revive Me
11.You're Worthy of My Praise
12.Longing Heart
13.Carried Me

Jeremy Camp - Heart of the Artist (3 unreleased songs + interview) 2004
1.Heart of the Artist
2.Right Here (CHR Mix)
3.I Still Believe (Acoustic Mix)
4.Let Everything That Has Breath
5.Heart of the Artist cont
6.Beauty of Simplicity

I Still Believe 2003[CD-SINGLE]
1. I Still Believe [Album Version][Version]
2. I Still Believe [Acoustic Version]
3. Empty Me
4. You Are

Stay, 2002
1. Understand
2. Right Here
3. Walk By Faith
4. Stay
5. All The Time
6. I Still Believe
7. One Day At a Time
8. Breaking My Fall
9. Nothing
10. I Know Your Calling
11. Take My Life
12. In Your Presence

Burden Me, 2001
1.Burden Me
2.He Will Come Through
3.I See
4.Silence Me
5.Can't You See
7.I Know You're Calling
8.Find It Now
9.Letting Go
10.Looking Back

by Anilove

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The download for "Live Unplugged" has been deleted. I saw this same link on another website/blog. Can you please fix? It's very depressing to find so many broken links and people who don't fix them.

Thanks & God Bless :)

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